Bison on the loose in Illinois for two months caught on camera

Authorities in Illinois are warning residents not to approach a loose bison seen wandering through two counties after the animal was spotted by a local man.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said the animal, nicknamed “Tyson the Bison,” was photographed in the county by Todd Dorn, who shared it with authorities.

“Tyson means you no ‘farm!’ We ‘hoof’ talked to the owners who are hoping for a snowfall, so they can track her and take her into ‘cowstody’ safely,” the sheriff’s office quipped in a pun-filled Facebook post.

The post urged residents to keep a safe distance from the female bison and alert police if they spot the animal.

“You won’t be able to wrangle her with ‘handcalfs,’ and she can be a bit ‘imbullsive’ so if you see her, please don’t approach her — you can call your local police agency, and we will call the owners for a ‘smooooth’ apprehension,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

The bison has been spotted on multiple occasions in Lake and McHenry counties after escaping from its owner while being transferred from a trailer to an enclosure in September.

The Island Lake Police Department shared dashcam footage from an officer’s patrol footage last week when the bison was spotted wandering next to a road in the town at night.