University of Central Missouri mule parade breaks Guinness World Record

A University of Central Missouri parade featuring 50 people riding mules down a road set a Guinness World Record, the school announced.

The university said the mules participated in a parade celebrating the 150th anniversary of the school, and officials submitted videos, photos and other evidence from the event to Guinness for review.

UCM officials said they received word Wednesday that the Oct. 23 parade officially broke the world record for largest ridden parade of mules.

“We are beyond thrilled to be named as the record holder for the largest ridden parade of mules,” Jackie Jackson, associate vice president for the UCM Alumni Foundation and one of the event’s organizers, said in the school’s announcement.

The University of Central Missouri was founded in 1871 and adopted the mule as its official mascot in 1922.

“When we first announced that we were going to try to do this in UCM’s 150th year, the number one question we were asked was ‘Why?’ and the answer is if anyone were to set a record for a parade of mules, it should be UCM at the Homecoming parade,” Jackson said.

“This accomplishment is demonstrative of who we are as a university — a proud ‘Mule Strong’ institution that thrives with the community’s involvement and support.”