Chargers added Philly Special to playbook just last week

The Chargers built a 24-0 lead against the Bengals on Sunday, with the final two points coming on their version of the Philly Special, a play made famous by the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

So what do the Chargers call it? (Drum roll, please.) The Philly Special.

After the 41-22 win over Cincinnati, the man who threw the two-pointer to quarterback Justin Herbert (and who caught a pair of touchdowns from Herbert) explained that the play was added to the playbook very recently.

“We just put it in this week,” receiver Keenan Allen told PFT by phone after the victory. “How about that?”

As Allen tells it, there was no magic or mystery to the process. “I show up to practice and it’s in,” he said.

Allen said they’d practiced it twice. The first time, according to Allen, “it went great.” The second time, the ball was behind Herbert but he “made a great catch.”

So why was Allen the one to throw the pass?

“I mean, I am the third-string quarterback,” Allen said, laughing. “Easton Stick, if he doesn’t dress, I’m the third-string guy. I like to think I got the best arm outside of the quarterbacks.” (On Sunday, Stick didn’t dress. Thus, the game-day quarterbacks were Herbert, Chase Daniel, and, presumably, Keenan Allen.)

Even so, Sunday’s completion was the first of Allen’s nine-year career. It provided the margin to which the Chargers clung until Tevaughn Campbell returned Joe Mixon‘s fumble for a backbreaking touchdown in a 24-22 game.